Special products for special applications

MAPA Professional. For every profession, for every hand.

MAPA Professional, one of the world‘s leading protective glove manufacturers, currently has a wide range of different types of gloves – offering the right protection against chemical and mechanical hazards and the risk of injury when working in every branch of industry.

MAPA AdvanTech. The range for clean rooms.

MAPA AdvanTech completes our MAPA Professional programme with gloves for hi-tech applications. This range works with our specially developed process for cleaning gloves after production. It has its own clean rooms to ensure high quality products and packaging with respect to cleanliness and sterility.

Spontex Professional. This is what the professionals use.

Spontex Professional offers a broad spectrum of mechanical cleaning aids for industry, together with a variety of innovative products for more effective cleaning. The products range from cleaning cloths and sponges through to scouring pads for both manual and machine use.

NUK - Das Leben verstehen
NUK - Das Leben verstehen
NUK - Das Leben verstehen

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